Whether your site is CMS based website, dating, community website or something else, our PHP programming and development team will develop your website. Our development team will also customized your website.

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E-commerce system, content management system or back-end system for data management, whatever is your requirement. PHP is the perfect answer for this. If you want to develop dependable and cost effective website, once again PHP is the answer for this, and the most important point, which is working in favor of PHP is, it is highly compatible with HTML, that is the main reason, why this language is the most preferred languages, and used all over the world to programmed certain web applications. PHP works with databases like MySQL and MS SQL Server 2000. We are a leading PHP web development company of India and providing highly affordable and professional services in it.

php web developer Advantages of PHP
  • Fast
  • Open Source
  • Easy to Use
  • Stable
  • Strong Community support
  • Speed
  • Many extensions
  • Compatibility

Web Developer India is India based web development company and our web developer is providing quality service in PHP web development . Our PHP web development team’s one point program is to provide affordable and resulted oriented service in it according to the needs of the client. Our major goal is to ensure that our client’s interest is put on the top, and client should get the highest ROI. You can hire PHP and MySQL developers from us for all your offshore web application development requirements, which means, you are hiring talented PHP developer and Programmer at half the cost. That means, at the end of the day, you are saving money by hiring talented, motivated, well-qualified and professional resources from us, who will be entirely focused on your job. Our developers are well-qualified, professional and well experienced in Linux Apache MySQL PHP (LAMP) and Windows Apache Microsoft PHP (WAMP). Our experienced PHP developers had created proven web application and functionality, such as automate tasks, collect user data and transformation of static web pages into dynamic and many more, and our developers are in the habit of getting excellent feedbacks from the clients. We are not only expert in PHP web development, but also, in DotNetNuke development, ASP.Net, Perl, Java web development and much more.

Web developer India provides the following services in PHP, which is listed below.
  1. E-commerce web sites and Online Stores
  2. Email Newsletters
  3. Content Management System
  4. Chat Boards and Portals
  5. E-commerce, secure transactions
  6. Database integration
  7. User Polls
  8. Online media (audio, video)

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