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Web Developer India is an India based software development company and has been producing dynamic and effective websites using Visual Basic Scripting language at an affordable price. VBScript is the default language for Active Server Pages and developed by Microsoft. It can be used in Windows scripting and client-side web page scripting. This is same as another scripting language like JavaScript, but VBScript is easier to use in comparison of other scripting languages. Our offshore VBScript programming team provides a wide variety of Visual Basic Script based web development services like interactive web design, web intros, web development tutorials, etc. Programming team of our company is second to none in their respective field, and believes in pushing the boundaries. vb script Advantages of Visual Basic
  • Simple
  • No installation required
  • VB Script code is very readable
  • Written in plain and ordinary ASCII text

Web Developer India as a VB Script Programming Company

Web Developer India is one of the fastest growing and well-reputed web and software development company of India, and providing complete affordable services in VBScript programming. Our proficient and experienced VBScript programming team is developing database driven dynamic web applications and websites, real-time processing applications and has the ability to develop amazing web application for your business. Since we have the expertise in VBScript programming, we know how web browsers perform efficiently, hence, we develop full featured website within a short span of time. We are backed by a team of web programmers and developers, who are well qualified, expert and always go beyond the expectation of the client that is why, we are not only developing as a leading web development company of India, but also, improving the client list. We believe in providing affordable VBScript programming services. Since we have the expertise in VBScript programming, we know how web browsers perform efficiently, hence, we develop full featured website within a short span of time. We are not only providing cost-effective services in VBScript, but also, in PHP, Java, DotNetNuke, Ajax, X Cart development, Cold Fusion, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Asp.Net, Visual Basic, and much more. Our competence, commitment, ethics, work culture and hardcore professionalism are helping us to grow as a company.

Microsoft provides three 'host' environments for VB Script:
  • Internet Explorer- Microsoft's web browser software
  • Internet Information Server- Microsoft's web server software
  • Windows Script Host- A 'host' environment in the Windows operating system
Advantages of VB Script:
  • VBScript code is generally very readable and easy to use.
  • Simple transition for VB Programmers.
  • Provides functions for formatting numbers and date/times which amazingly, JavaScript does not.
  • Has "option explicit" statement, which prevents variables from being declared accidentally. JavaScript does not provide this capability.

You can also hire VB Script programmers from us on a very competitive pricing and they are excellent communicators. Our programmers have more than enough industry experience and are in tuned with the latest technology, they believe in understanding the different needs and requirements of the clients, and only after that, they apply their technical, analytical and creative skills. Feel free to Contact us if any additional queries you have, Web Developer India would be glad to respond you.